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An afternoon @MOVIA

That was a great afternoon. Aleš Kristançiç from Movia is known as oner of the best winemakers in Slovenia and an example for others. I was around so I thought, see if there is a little time for me...

Not just was there time but Vesna and Aleš just invited me to stay the afternoon because there was a filmcrew that was making a documentary.

The documentary is about raw wines, natural and macerated wines. The script was made by Simon Woolf whom I already knew from the bestselling book: Amber revolution.

Aleš is one of the winemakers that has a lot of experience in this field and was interviewed for the documentary

Another group of friends came by and the best wines were opened for tasting.

Later I also tasted the sweet most with wild yeasts that is used as liqueur de tirage for second fermentation in the sparkling wine Puro. Afterwards we filmed in the cellars where he moves on his segway!

Do you want to have dinner with us too? Sure why not? Never expected this much hospitality. Not only are they great winemakers but also beautiful people. Thank you Vesna and Aleš for a great afternoon!

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