Slovenia in The North Adriatic

The North Adriatic is a fascinating macro-wine region that is less known by the public but brings wines that can compete with the best in the world. The area is divided by 3 country's but through history have always been related.

It consists of the Friuli region in northern Italy, western Slovenia and Istria in Croatia.

Recently, an amazing new book has been released about this area, written by Paul Balke.

My holiday home Hisa Kal is near the middle of this area. The wine world nowadays is too big and too divers to understand all. Focussing on these parts is a challenge on its own

Slovenia has 3 wine regions: Primorska, Podravska and Posavska. The first is part of the North Adriatic

Wine-growing regions of Slovenia

Wijnregios slov aldo.png




Goriska Brda



Slovenska Istra





Bela krajina

Primorska wine region

In a straight line no more then15km away from our house Hisa Kal start the wineregions of the

Primorska. The 2 closest and most famous regions are Goriska Brda and the Vipava valley.

This beautiful most westerly part of Slovenia borders Italy's wine region Friuli - Venezia Giulia

map brda.jpg

Click on the map to find the prominent winemakers of the region

Goriska Brda

Friuli colli orientali DOC

Friuli Isonzo DOC

Vipava (SLO)

Collio Goriziano