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Veliko Belo 2011

Veliko Belo 2011

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A wine indicating its greatness at the very sight, boasting with a deep, golden yellow colour. When swirling the glass, we feel its complexity. The vortex stops quickly and leaves persistent drops on the walls of the glass.


The bouquet of this Veliko white is majestic, sophisticated and full of richness, which radiates the maturation of the wine in wooden barrels and its extended schooling in the bottle. We detect apple slices, dried pineapple slices, yellow plum jam, candied citrus, honey, wax, dried chamomile, cedar, vanilla, butter dough and anise.


The taste feels oily. Its freshness is ripe. We notice mineral salinity and a pleasant, slightly tannic imprint. Aromas of dried fruit and wax are repeated in the flavours, and we also see a note of marzipan and caramel. It is a superb wine with a complex structure, exuding its nobility with its smoothness, intensity and long-lasting taste.

  • Wijnmaakproces

    Region: Goriška Brda (ZGP Brda), Slovenian side of Collio region

    Vineyards: Veliko vineyard: South exposure, 6000 plants/ ha, age of vineyard 45 years, Mono Guyot training system

    Soil: Opoka soil (marl & lime stone) Planting system: 2,3m x 0,7
    Yield per hectare: 5500 kg
    Harvest: Hand picked


    Vinification process: We vinificate Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon (1 day of maceration) and Ribolla (5 days of maceration). At the end of fermentation we put all the wines seperately in barriques. After aging process Aleš blends the combinations and creates Veliko Belo.

    Aging: Barrique (225 l French oak barrels) for 36 - 42 months. Bottling: April 2016
    Finning: Minimum 24 months in bottles

  • Food pairing

    It can be served without hesitation with main courses thanks to its structure. It will easily pair porchetta or some other roast. It will go well with a tuna steak or with prosciutto crusted monkfish.

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