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Sivi Pinot AMBRA. 2017

Sivi Pinot AMBRA. 2017

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There is something with Pinot Grigio and Brda, which makes this variety shine, expressing itself in the best possible way. Naturally, the pedoclimatic specifics of Brda leave a mark, and when you combine them with the spice of Movia, then you’re in for a ride.

Bunches for this amber-coloured wine are coming from a single vineyard close to the village of Fojana, situated at an altitude of 155 meters above sea level. 30 years old vines are planted on Brda’s own Opoka and are facing southwest. As the due manner at Movia, all looked after organic farming principles.

Grapes are hand-harvested in the first half of September. They are destemmed, crushed and the mash ferments in stainless vinification tanks spontaneously. After 10 days of maceration, it is pressed and racked into French Barrique barrels for 18 months, where it also conducts malolactic fermentation. It is then bottled without filtration and waits for a minimum of 4 months before coming on the market.

This Pinot Grigio displays a deep glowing, amber reflection. It’s crystal clear and dense, as indicated by tears slowly sliding down the wall of the glass.

Its bouquet is intense, with refined scents that evoke ripe peach, Kiku apple, pomegranate, blood orange, quince compote, ginger, yellow rose, jasmine flower, hay, thyme, roasted hazelnuts, butter, vanilla, cinnamon and shortcrust pastry.

It displays an oily texture on the palate, pleasantly embracing the mouth and balancing it with freshness and mineral salinity. The taste is intense, elegant and long-lasting.

It is a harmonious wine that offers long and pleasant pleasures that will only intensify with maturation. I would be happy to taste it again in 7 years, and I’m sure it will still surprise me with its quality. 

  • Wijnmaakproces

    Region: Goriška Brda (ZGP Brda), Slovenian side of Collio region

    Vineyards: Fojana vineyard: Southwest exposure, 5500 plants/ ha; age of vineyard 30 years, Mono Guyot training system

    Soil: Opoka soil (marl & lime stone)
    Planting system: 2,3m x 0,7
    Yield per hectare: 6000 kg
    Harvest: Hand picked in the first half of September


    Vinification process: Grapes are desteemed and put in vinificator with skins where the fermentation begins with indigenous yeasts. After 10 days of maceration, grapes are then pressed and racked into the barrique barrels.

    Aging: Barrique (225 l French oak barrels) for 18 months. Bottling: April 2019
    Finning: Minimum 4 months in bottles

  • Proefnotities

    Intense and refined scents evoke ripe peach, Kiku apple, pomegranate, red-orange, quince compote, ginger, yellow rose, jasmine flower, hay, thyme, roasted hazelnuts, butter, vanilla, cinnamon and butter dough.

  • Food pairing

    It will go well with soft-fried crab on rice paddles and complex plates, which consist of several elements that would balance and refresh the dish. A gourmet wine! 

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