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B+ cuvée van 5 blauwe rassen 2015

B+ cuvée van 5 blauwe rassen 2015

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The red house blend combines five varieties: the cosmopolitans Cabernet Sauvignon, (the largest share) and Merlot, local Refosco, Barbera from Piedmont via the Vipava Valley (where it is now at home), and the central European variety Blaufränkisch, historically present in the region but later driven out and now being reintroduced by some winemakers.

  • Proefnotities

    APPEARANCE opaque/ruby red/purple edges
    NOSE ripe blueberries/maraschino cherry/fruit bonbon/

    PALATE blueberries/blackberries/savory/white pepper/soft tannins FINISH black forest fruits/freshness/soft tannins
    IMPRESSION fruity/fresh/balanced/lively
    MOOD gastro/glou-glou

  • Wijnmaakproces


    30 days in open vats/manual pigeage (each variety separately)


    24 months – oak barrels/assemblage

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